SAT_SPEED NEXT Generation Gateway

Der SAT_SPEED NEXT Generation Gateway hilft Internet via Satellit Anbietern die Satellitenbandbreite effizienter zu nutzen. Durch den Einsatz dieses Gateways kann der gesamte Traffic realistisch um ca. 30% reduziert werden, dies bedeutet man kann mit diesem Gateway gegenüber Anbieternohne einer solchen Technologie z.B. eine 30% ige höhere Überbuchungsrate kalkulieren oder Kosten um 30% reduzieren. Die satspeed NEXT Generation Gateways können natürlich nur Daten komprimieren die sich auch noch komprimieren lassen (vieles ist im Internet bereits stark komprimiert), jedochmacht dies teilweise mehrere 100% aus. Im Gesamtdurchschnitt (auf 4 Wochen) liegt die Kompression zwischen 15% und 40%.


SatspeedPROXY helps to use satellite bandwith more efficient.

It is a complete Server, based on Linux and will be delivered comp


lete ready installed and configured for your network.


  • CPU 3,2 Ghz or higher
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 2 SATA HDD 500 GB for RAID
  • Gbit LAN
  • 1 HE
  • 450 W power supply

This server can be used perfect together with SAT_SPEED Box III Router, so there are no changes on client site needed (if not, the customer have to configure “Proxy” in his Internetbrowser).

It is a forwarding, non-caching, compressing HTTP proxy server, TCP accelerator, a Squid Proxy for FTP, content filter, accounting system a.s.o. (Some features are only for Eutelsat Tooway Platform)

Basically it squeezes images by converting them to lower quality JPEGs or JPEG 2000 and compresses HTML and other text-like data.
Compressible content:
shockwave, msword, msexcel, mspowerpoint, rtf, postscript, java, javascript, staroffice, vnd., futuresplash, asp, class, font, truetype-font, php, cgi, executable, shellscript, perl, python, awk, dvi, css, xhtml+xml, rss+xml, xml, pdf, tar

It also provides other features such as: HTML/JS/CSS optimization, preemptive hostname resolution.


For higher performance there is installed a “DNS Caching” Server too.

Multi IP Adresses possible, this means the Server “Internet communication” can be done with “random” IP Adresses for each request, or with only 1 IP.

The system have Admin Interface to manage.

  • Possibility to insert Websites for:
  • Block URL
  • NO Process (this means URL will not
  • exception (this means URL will only
    forwarded with one fixed IP).
  • Logfiles with history of 6 month
  • Client IP
  • File size original and after compression
  • Timestamp
  • requested URL
  • Website to see usage of last 24 hours
  • Live view of current usage
  • Statistik Interface (still in planing)

Accounting-System (only for “Tooway” Service):
Here you have possibility to administrate your Users/ Satellite Terminals.

  • Reseller functionality
  • customer interface (to check Traffic/ FUP)
  • Admin/ Reseller can see “RX/TX” values of
  • Export for “satspeed_daikoku” automatical
    Billing System.
  • Access-Control to satspeedPROXY. This means
    you can select what kind of user is able to use
    the satspeedPROXY (still in planing)

Screenshots of administation Interface: